Thursday, January 18, 2018


I haven't been able to get onto the computer to do anything in...forever. And so I'm posting at nearly midnight.

A few new updates:

Trouble in Bookland! I'm. Done. Full update here.
(I want to look into giving a free copy of the completed manuscript to those who have read/reviewed the previous Parts on GR, because ohmygoobledygook I had "Part 3 coming soon" at the back of Part 2 for so long...and I was supposed to have this finished so long ago... D:) )

You know that link above? I'm going to just go ahead and move all of my stuff over there. It's clean, it's manageable (eg, it was made using an email that I actually have time to check occasionally :P), and it doesn't make me want to cringe.

You know you're a writer when... - Writers Write Creative Blog

Only, with the ideas and half-baked plots and no organization and just *incoherent babbling noises*.
Fractals will be up for a little while longer while I pick things to salvage, but then..adios!
I feel a bit conflicted...
The purpose of the other blog was supposed to be solely for TiB and derivative works (which is why I had the URL feature my pen-name), and the purpose of Fractals for general/personal things...but I can't manage two blogs; can barely manage one. :P
It'll just bug me for a while that the URL of the other blog (the link one more time, just cuz) features the pen-name while my profile on the page doesn't, and my GR page will look wonky (to me at least), and my current WIPs are of a somewhat darker tone than TiB so I might end up having to choose a different pen-name...and maybe a different blog? XP


I can't win.

Bye for now, see you later!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Character Encounter

I may be "cheating" a bit, but I really haven't been to any event like this in a very long time, so it's basically just me and my charrie...

Character Encounter: AWANA (or Sunday/Wednesday night program)

“So…” I sit in a local pizza shop, nibbling at a slice of combo. “Are you satisfied now?”
Richard pokes at his pizza, head down. “Yeah. I’m satisfied.”
“Why?” Not that I particularly care. Which I do; I just want to make sure he’s not planning anything.
“Well, I like the fact that I’m going to have a literal heart of fire.” He looks up, grins, then takes a bite of his meat-lovers pizza (a whole pizza, not just a slice). “That’s going to open a whole slew of doors for me,” he says around the mouthful of food.
“Uh-huh.” I grin, too. Because I personally think the world is going to be crazy-awesome when I’m finished. I daydream about a few of the changes I’m planning—the world being split into three parts is one of them—but am jerked out of my reverie by Richard’s actions. I hiss his name. “Don’t re-heat your pizza.”
“Why? It’s not like they can see it, anyways,” he laughs.
I glance over at the youth-group seated with the church’s pastors over at a nearby table. “I actually have no idea whether or not they can. Sometimes they can, sometimes not.”
He extinguishes the flame he had burning in his hands.
I roll my eyes. “You know, I’m just going to treat you like my brother now.”
“Howwzat?” he says, a quarter of the pizza halfway in his mouth.
“Like this.” I lean over and tousle his hair, knowing I won’t see him like this again. Playful and child-like despite being more than a few hundred years old (and despite his oddly biker-gang attire). I sigh again. “It’s been a blast.”
“Can’t wait to see what you’re like in the new world.”
“Just don’t make me a suck-up.”
“As if I could.”
Richard grins. “Nah, you couldn’t.”
He finishes his pizza and stands. “Later.”
“See you on the flip side.”
My character walks out, ready to be re-drafted. I wonder what he’ll choose to fight for next. First it was getting his way, but now…I have no idea.
I rejoin the youth-group, just in time to hear a snippet of conversation that gives me a plot bunny. It’s totally out of context, but it gives me an idea for a Romeo and Juliet retelling. Just perfect for Convoluted Chronicles.

A post


  • I recently did a post on Tales From a Modern Bard, for the Song to Story challenge. Here it is, though I apologize for the vagueness and hasty has since been going through world-building and is (I think) clearer. Hoping to get around to posting that sometime...
  • Also hoping to get a Character Encounters post written up, possibly before the end of the day. It'll be short, but it'll be done. :P
  • As always, check out here for updates on TiB.
  • Hoping to participate in the next challenge on Tales From a Modern Bard: Winter Writing Challenge.
  • Oh, and Nanowrimo. Almost forgot about that...again, hoping/longing to participate, but as of now I have no idea what story I'd want to try to hash out that month. Because, you know, I've got a million and one...
  • Convoluted Chronicles, if any readers remember, is undergoing some serious worldbuilding revamp. A few things have changed, some of which I'm going to include in the above-mentioned Character Encounter.
Pets and life
  • Not much new with Liberty and Zia; Liberty tries to steal the bird food, and Zia either watches or tries to bite Liberty's legs. :P
  • My uncle is staying with us for a week. We play board games, share our favorite Youtube videos with him (can't wait to introduce him to Studio C! XD), and generally have fun.
  • I'm settling in to work, and there's this one Norse guy who likes to talk about myths and legends and things, so that's cool. And another guy has an electric unicycle. What even. It's pretty cool, and I tried riding it, but couldn't even stand without almost face-planting, so... XD
  • Oh, just watched Captain America: Civil War. It was okay, I guess, but it didn't live up to my expectations. The beginning was like, "Bang! Pow! EXPLOSIONS. Whoa, camera guy, what are we...oh, we're over, there, wait, what...oh, they're still fighting..." And what was up with the scene transitions??? There's all the cool (sometimes overboard) CGI, then it was, "Copy/paste basic font over sky scene" instead of smooth transitions. There were a few other things (WHY DID THEY RUIN AUNT MAY??!), but this bullet point is getting kind of long. So I'll just say one last thing: The feels at the end. They nailed that.
  • A Kindle Fire. I got one. *is totally calm, cool, collected and not at all squealing because of all the books I can now finish reading* I must write a thank-you note to the person I got it from (whom I hardly know, btw; this is just crazy-awesome).
  • Erm, I haven't had time for much else.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Miscellany happenings

What's been happening lately...
I've been terrible at presenting an organized format of updates, so here we go: first attempt. :)

Disney Pixar disney pixar disney gif pixar gif
  • Check out this post for an update on Trouble in Bookland
  • I've been attempting an entry for the Song to Story Challenge (the song I'm using: Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler)
  • I had about 20 parts of "Scarlet Experiment" done, then went through to edit. A few scene rearrangements turned into a major overhaul. The major overhaul may also include POV change from Scarlet (the female MC) to a character that is [highlight for spoiler] the social equivalent of her husband. *makes faces at difficult characters*
Pets and Life
  • Our guinea pigs...fluffy and adorable to the passed a couple months ago (I suspect it was URI), and the other a couple weeks ago (possibly a combo of malocclusion and intestinal problems) :'(
  • Dog just had her 12th birthday! :D
  • The bird...well, she's had one or two concussions over the years. I guess she's doing as well as she can be.
  • Hoo, boy, visits, attempted renovation of a part of the house...
  • My first job interview. I'll know in a week if I get the job. 0_0 EDIT: Uh, never mind, I got the job, I'm to show up on Monday for some things, and ugh I just told my future boss "ditto" over the phone... *headdesk*
  • Family birthdays! Dad and I are this month. I'll be nineteen. *realizes what I just said* I'M ALMOST TWENTY AGGGGGGGGHHHHH.
  • Assignment from sensei: take two or three techniques and put them together smoothly. It's a lot harder than it sounds.
  • You Write Fiction. It has a series called, "The Writer's Life According to..." and they're hilarious. XD My favorite is the Toy Story one. There are also periodical tips and general observations about writerly things that I have been finding helpful.
  • I'm kicking around the idea of getting things for my family instead of them getting something for me for my birthday (Hobbit-style ;)). In accordance with that, it's my plan to offer both parts of Trouble in Bookland (with the extended ending for Pt. 2) for free from the 14th-20th.
  • Little brother has read more in the past 2 weeks than he has his whole life. He's devouring the Wingfeather Saga. Next step...Redwall. *bookworm cackle*
  • I have a notebook I carry around with me for the purpose of collecting plot bunnies, names, titles, and new words. I've had it for less than a year. I'm utilizing both sides (one for names, etc., the other for the bunnehs), and it's almost full.
  • My sibs watched The Fellowship of the Ring, and they don't want to watch the rest of the trilogy until we can watch them all at once. So now we have to pick a date and have a marathon. XD
  • Animal Crossing. You get to decorate your house, work your way out of debt, talk with animals, design your own clothing, color cat's faces...they need more games like that.
  • I'm hoping to get my driver's license in the near future. And assuage mom's fears about my driving (I totally freaked out the one time she rode with me... :P).
So that's what I've been up to lately. Oh, and I just realized I've never given our pet's names.
Guinea Pigs <3: Sunny and Brownie.
Doggy: Liberty.
Bird: Zia.
What've you been up to? Any exciting plans for the year? Let me know in the comments! :D

Saturday, June 4, 2016


You know it’s summer (or spring, depending on where you live) when you start finding spiders in the hallway and in closets. And on walls. Behind drapes. On the counter… ;)

I’m going to be postponing the blog (*sigh* again) for a little while due to my summer schedule. I’m hoping to start back up again within the next month or so, but for now, I’m going to hold off on posting a serial.

That being said, I have a couple more ideas in mind for the next serial. Let me know which synopsis interests you most!

Scarlet Experiment (tentative title):
An amnesiac girl struggles to find what part she plays in the familiar workings of her world.

Queen of the Owls:
A young boy tries to escape his problems, and only finds more.

The Shard:
A fairy and a young boy travel away from the only home they’ve ever known to reach the Wizard’s Tower.

What are some things you’d expect from these stories? What are some tropes that annoy you? What are some things you'd like to see?