Friday, March 27, 2015

Progress Report

My WIPs have decided to rebel.

True Hearts was going to be a short retelling. I was going to publish it in June. However, due to forces I cannot control, that retelling has sparked ideas for several other stories, all set in the world that was made in True Hearts.

At the moment, it is uncertain if they're all going to be full-length novels, or one novel and several short stories. (I'm hoping they'll mostly be novels, crazy person that I am. :P)

To demonstrate the extent of the story ideas: True Heroes was not going to be a fantasy story. At all. After a brief argument with myself, I admitted that I knew next to nothing about writing sci-fi and allowed a few fantasy elements to become the focus.
Now, it has turned into a sequel for True Hearts. Which means there are lots of little (and big) details that I would have to work into True Hearts. Meaning that True Hearts is probably going to turn into a novel. (Yay! And at the same time, nay!)

So, there is no way that I am going to have True Hearts published by June.

Here's something of a summary for the world (which I have yet to name, oddly enough) that has been driving me bonkers.

Men were raised from the dust of the earth.

Dragons were crafted from more severe stuff; stone, gems, water, storms.

Fantastics blinked from their various abodes, finding that they were alive and yearned for light.

The heavens rebelled against their Master. They were thrown down, left broken and stripped of their glory on earth that was now purer than they.

Wars ensued, kingdoms fell, and for the first time, spirits died. The land drank blood and hatred. The hearts of the living were cast into darkness.

Planted alongside the darkness were seeds of light. Tendrils of the delicate stuff wormed its way into hearts.
Heroes were made of unlikely material: cowards, weakness, fears, and sometimes a sword or two.
Leaders rose from ashes that the Fallen strove to dampen.

These tales were chronicled and, though many choose to deny them, live on.

I just made this up right now, so I apologize for the rough quality.

Let me know what you think!

Fractal Friday

Today's fractal:

This is the reason I write. Well, one of the reasons. ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

777 Challenge

Ashlee Willis posted:
The 777 challenge requires you go to Page 7 of your work-in-progress, scroll down to Line 7 and share the next 7 lines in a blog post. Once you have done this, you can tag 7 other bloggers to do the same with their work-in-progress.

I've decided to participate! 
So, here are the current seven lines from the seventh page of True Hearts. I'm still adding scenes and tweaking other scenes so that the new scenes fit, so these may be subject to change.

The dragon’s glad roar cracked stone.    

[Scene break]

He groaned.
Cold stone met his palms and something slick clung to his face.
Robby spat fire into his hand and rubbed furiously at the grime. It almost seemed to shriek before shriveling to a black husk.
The wooden door of his cell would have been easy enough to reduce to cinders had it not been for the location:
The dungeon.

Comment, and let me know what you think!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Out of Darkness Rising

Gillian Bronte Adams is having a giveaway! (AGAIN! :D)

The prizes are:

                    OODR Launch Giveaway
1) A copper quill pen and ink set and a paperback copy of Out of Darkness Rising
2) A medieval wax and seal set and a paperback copy of Out of Darkness Rising
3) A gorgeous leather journal and a paperback copy of Out of Darkness Rising

Perfect prizes for us crazy people--I mean, um, bookworms. ;)
There are thirteen days left until it's over.
Well? What are you waiting for? Head on over and submit your entries!

Fractal Friday

Okay, I am going to start doing this thing on Fridays I call Fractals. It's going to be a neat looking image of a fractal with a quote about writing. The quotes are going to be derived from random sources: from a book of inspirational quotes for writers, to a blog post (or a Bible verse) that stuck out to me. Then, I'll either let the quote hang there by itself for all to see, or add comments of my own.


The post these words were on had nothing to do with writing. It was in a post titled Is Faith the End All and Be All of Christianity?.

In context, here is the paragraph the phrase is in:
Rather, James describes faith that is lived out—demonstrated by actions. Without the actions that show the faith, it’s as useless as if you tell a hungry homeless person to be warmed and fed without giving them a thing to eat or anything to keep them warm. Words alone are as empty as the body without the spirit.

Out of context, here is what came to mind when I saw the phrase:
I had been racking my brain, stressing about where to go next with one of my stories. So, I started writing. Aimlessly. Without purpose. 
At the time, and even after I read my words, I didn't realize that I was writing words alone. 
So when I saw this phrase, it jumped out at me. It was like being struck in the face with a camera. (I had no idea it was coming; I turned a corner, and *smack!*)

Words alone are as empty as the body without the spirit, and just as repulsive, too.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Plot Bunnies

This month, I have been prepping for Camp Nanowrimo by focusing on one story (True Heroes). Progress update: it's not working.

I have been viciously attacked by plot bunnies. Yesterday, they grew worse. And so, I made this little picture.

I think the difference between a plot bunny and a plot dragon is that a bunny will sit in your lap (or gnaw on your forehead) until it is acknowledged. A dragon, however, will tease and toy with you, and eat the bunnies that it doesn't want around. Or play with them until they're nearly broken, and drop them in your lap like a wad of trash.

Every once in a while, the dragon will behave and give you some productive feedback. Before proceeding to toss more bunnies onto you.

Sometimes you get a confused warp of the two, and the thing can't decide if it wants to be a Fluff Bunny, or a Killer Bunny. During its confusion, it will thrash and leave your work area a mess, taking promising plot bunnies with it. When the transformation is finished, you will have either a dead mutant or a baby dragon.

That is my take on plot bunnies. Thoughts?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Out of Darkness Rising

Gillian Bronte Adams is having a giveaway for her book, Out of Darkness Rising!

Here's the gorgeous book cover.

OODR Front Cover

Head on over to her site to enter!

Monday, March 9, 2015


I thought I'd post something relating to the Christian walk.

There's nothing like going up the mountains for a long hike, try a new trail. You drive up to the place, park in that little one-car area, and heft your water bottle. It's a warm day, and looking to get hotter.
Then you see the warning sign.

Chances are, you won't think, "I can go anyways. I won't get hurt," and take no precautions. If you realize that you don't know anything about treating rattlesnake bites, you'll probably stay away from the trail. If you know how to deal with rattlesnake bites, you'll make sure you have your kit ready.

But what about the warnings that God gives?
God: "Do not steal."
Us: "But I need it. It's okay if I take it."
God: "Do not lie."
Us: "It's just a white lie. It won't hurt anyone."
God: "Do not commit adultery."
Us: "I'm only going out this once. It's not like it's a serious relationship that means anything."

If we don't take precautions, we're going to get bit. If we prepare, chances are, we won't get hurt. And if we do get hurt, at least we'll know how--and be ready--to deal with it.