Friday, March 20, 2015

Fractal Friday

Okay, I am going to start doing this thing on Fridays I call Fractals. It's going to be a neat looking image of a fractal with a quote about writing. The quotes are going to be derived from random sources: from a book of inspirational quotes for writers, to a blog post (or a Bible verse) that stuck out to me. Then, I'll either let the quote hang there by itself for all to see, or add comments of my own.


The post these words were on had nothing to do with writing. It was in a post titled Is Faith the End All and Be All of Christianity?.

In context, here is the paragraph the phrase is in:
Rather, James describes faith that is lived out—demonstrated by actions. Without the actions that show the faith, it’s as useless as if you tell a hungry homeless person to be warmed and fed without giving them a thing to eat or anything to keep them warm. Words alone are as empty as the body without the spirit.

Out of context, here is what came to mind when I saw the phrase:
I had been racking my brain, stressing about where to go next with one of my stories. So, I started writing. Aimlessly. Without purpose. 
At the time, and even after I read my words, I didn't realize that I was writing words alone. 
So when I saw this phrase, it jumped out at me. It was like being struck in the face with a camera. (I had no idea it was coming; I turned a corner, and *smack!*)

Words alone are as empty as the body without the spirit, and just as repulsive, too.

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