Thursday, March 19, 2015

Plot Bunnies

This month, I have been prepping for Camp Nanowrimo by focusing on one story (True Heroes). Progress update: it's not working.

I have been viciously attacked by plot bunnies. Yesterday, they grew worse. And so, I made this little picture.

I think the difference between a plot bunny and a plot dragon is that a bunny will sit in your lap (or gnaw on your forehead) until it is acknowledged. A dragon, however, will tease and toy with you, and eat the bunnies that it doesn't want around. Or play with them until they're nearly broken, and drop them in your lap like a wad of trash.

Every once in a while, the dragon will behave and give you some productive feedback. Before proceeding to toss more bunnies onto you.

Sometimes you get a confused warp of the two, and the thing can't decide if it wants to be a Fluff Bunny, or a Killer Bunny. During its confusion, it will thrash and leave your work area a mess, taking promising plot bunnies with it. When the transformation is finished, you will have either a dead mutant or a baby dragon.

That is my take on plot bunnies. Thoughts?

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