Friday, March 27, 2015

Progress Report

My WIPs have decided to rebel.

True Hearts was going to be a short retelling. I was going to publish it in June. However, due to forces I cannot control, that retelling has sparked ideas for several other stories, all set in the world that was made in True Hearts.

At the moment, it is uncertain if they're all going to be full-length novels, or one novel and several short stories. (I'm hoping they'll mostly be novels, crazy person that I am. :P)

To demonstrate the extent of the story ideas: True Heroes was not going to be a fantasy story. At all. After a brief argument with myself, I admitted that I knew next to nothing about writing sci-fi and allowed a few fantasy elements to become the focus.
Now, it has turned into a sequel for True Hearts. Which means there are lots of little (and big) details that I would have to work into True Hearts. Meaning that True Hearts is probably going to turn into a novel. (Yay! And at the same time, nay!)

So, there is no way that I am going to have True Hearts published by June.

Here's something of a summary for the world (which I have yet to name, oddly enough) that has been driving me bonkers.

Men were raised from the dust of the earth.

Dragons were crafted from more severe stuff; stone, gems, water, storms.

Fantastics blinked from their various abodes, finding that they were alive and yearned for light.

The heavens rebelled against their Master. They were thrown down, left broken and stripped of their glory on earth that was now purer than they.

Wars ensued, kingdoms fell, and for the first time, spirits died. The land drank blood and hatred. The hearts of the living were cast into darkness.

Planted alongside the darkness were seeds of light. Tendrils of the delicate stuff wormed its way into hearts.
Heroes were made of unlikely material: cowards, weakness, fears, and sometimes a sword or two.
Leaders rose from ashes that the Fallen strove to dampen.

These tales were chronicled and, though many choose to deny them, live on.

I just made this up right now, so I apologize for the rough quality.

Let me know what you think!

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