Monday, March 9, 2015


I thought I'd post something relating to the Christian walk.

There's nothing like going up the mountains for a long hike, try a new trail. You drive up to the place, park in that little one-car area, and heft your water bottle. It's a warm day, and looking to get hotter.
Then you see the warning sign.

Chances are, you won't think, "I can go anyways. I won't get hurt," and take no precautions. If you realize that you don't know anything about treating rattlesnake bites, you'll probably stay away from the trail. If you know how to deal with rattlesnake bites, you'll make sure you have your kit ready.

But what about the warnings that God gives?
God: "Do not steal."
Us: "But I need it. It's okay if I take it."
God: "Do not lie."
Us: "It's just a white lie. It won't hurt anyone."
God: "Do not commit adultery."
Us: "I'm only going out this once. It's not like it's a serious relationship that means anything."

If we don't take precautions, we're going to get bit. If we prepare, chances are, we won't get hurt. And if we do get hurt, at least we'll know how--and be ready--to deal with it.

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