Saturday, April 11, 2015

Camp Nano: True Heroes

It's the eleventh of April, the eleventh day of Camp Nanowrimo. It is driving me nuts. In that weird, love-hate kind of way. ;)
I have discovered things I didn't know about various characters, meaning I have to change the story even more than I did from my beginning idea.

When I start a story, I usually have some sort of idea of where I'm going with it. Not so for this one. I started writing, looked at what I wrote and thought, "What the heck am I writing?" (I'm probably not going to try and pants something like this again. :P)

Since True Hearts, the original inspiration for the (possible) series, was based on a fairy tale (Beauty and the Beast) retelling, I decided to pick another of my favorite fairy tales to hinge True Heroes on. I'm not going to retell this particular tale, but I am planning on using the basics.

The original story is...odd, but the basics are this:

There were three girls who were trapped inside oranges. One day, a prince came along and obtained the oranges. He cut one open, and a beautiful girl appeared. She begged for water, but when she heard that he had none, she vanished.
The same thing happened later when he sliced into the second orange. This girl was more beautiful than the last. Still, he had no water, and so the maid disappeared.
With the last orange, the prince was more careful. He waited until he was near a pond to open it. When he did, and the last maiden begged for water, he gave her some. She did not vanish, and drank the water from his hand.
The prince took her for his wife. It went well for a time, but then the wife was cursed, and turned into a bird. The person who cursed her (depending on the version of the story, either a witch or an impostor) went to great lengths to keep the prince from breaking the spell.
The spell was broken (albeit with a few mishaps), and they lived happily ever after.

What are your favorite fairy tales? Have you read adaptations (either retellings or "child friendly" versions) of any that you loved, and then read the original tale? How big was the discontinuity between the versions?

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