Thursday, May 14, 2015

About the Story: The Races: General

My chronicler (Robby) only recently arrived and helped me find the book about the races of Ciraven. He has a lot of records... ;)

The following entries are from the latest edition of Robby's writings, and include the basic information for the main races.

Dragons: An intelligent race (the first race to be created) with many different forms. The leviathan, the ones who dwell in the water. The behemoth, those who dwell on the earth. The Wyvern, rulers of the sky.
Finally, there are dragonlings; a rare generation of dragon hatchling that possesses a human form in addition to their dragon form.
Dragonlings are meant to be protectors of humans.
Dragons were created to be healers, helpers, and givers of wisdom.
(For information on the subtleties and abilities of each species, search their names under Nuance.)
Humans: The last and most diverse people to be created. They are by far the most adaptable and imaginative of the races.
These were created to rule this world named after our Creator, and to worship Him.
Scavengers: Mutations of Seekers; were not part of the original creation. Are spirits that can take on the appearance of the physical, but are unable to be touched by races such as humans.
Since their fall from the role of Seeker, they have been assigned with the task of collecting and guiding the souls of those fallen in battle.
Seekers: These are companions of humans, and often take on the form of a large dog. They were created to guide and advise  humans in times of trouble.
Vampires: One of the species of the Children of the Night [...have incorporeal forms that solidify in the moonlight].  They are proficient in metal-craft [some in architecture]...
Created to be a wonder and teacher of humans [in their arts].

(Just so you don't freak out and say something along the lines of, "Vampires?! Created for wonder?! And you call yourself a Christian!":
My vampires are like humans in the sense that some can be good, some can be bad. They can use the abilities given them to further their purpose of creation, or twist and magnify/diminish them so that they accomplish a purpose of their own design.
I'll do a short Nuances post on the races mentioned here sometime next week.)

Let me know what you think! :)

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