Friday, May 8, 2015

Draven's Light

I was given an influencer copy of Draven's Light, I finished reading it, and now I'm doing a blog post on it. :)
Note: the following is going to be more fan-girl raving than anything. If you'd like, you can read a more organized review of mine on Goodreads.

My eyes were watering like crazy (and no, I didn't have an onion) when I finished. It was beautiful! *sob*

I loved the sibling relationship (no surprise there ;)), and the intimacy/conflict that arose from it.
Ita is a strong one.
Draven is a "coward".
They both care for each other deeply, enough to sacrifice their lives. They are also willing to push aside their fears/discomforts in order to help the other.
Then there's the "ungentle" side of the relationship. ;)
Sometimes, Ita gives Draven a few kicks (literally) to get him going.

What really caught my attention was the difference in the telling. Akilun tells the tale for the most part, but it starts out from the view of a cowardly girl. I loved it. The reason for that is because you can see both ends of the story play out and fit together (without having to wait for a sequel).

Speaking of the Brothers Ashiun...*fan girl squeal*
The Brother's Ashiun!! The Faerie brothers! The wielders of Halisa and Asha!
No, the story doesn't focus on them, but it does feature them building a House of Light. It was just so great to have them actively featured (together) in a story!

What else to love? Let's see...
The little explanation about who/what Guta is (I don't know about anyone else, but I've always wondered.)
Ita's disability; a club foot. It really heightened the way her character was portrayed. A "wolf pup," who has to sometimes rely on others to help her. She knows when she needs the help, but that doesn't mean she likes it.
Draven. I already said that he was called a coward, but that's not what I saw. I saw a hero. I would like to say more about why I think he was a hero, but I'm afraid that explanation would have a few too many spoilers. So you'll just have to read the book and see for yourself.
The ending. Normally, I don't like endings (because that means the end of the story :( ), but with Goldstone Wood, there's always more to be told. That, and this is a bit of the history of the world, so you know that there's more after in the timeline. ;)
There's my two cents on Draven's Light (which you can pre-order on Amazon.) Hope you enjoyed reading it! :)

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