Saturday, May 2, 2015

End of Camp Nano

I meant to write up a post about this yesterday, but I didn't have time, so here it is now!

My goal for this session was to work on True Hearts, and to get an outline (30,000 words) done. I did it! Sure, I validated my word count at eleven o'clock, but I did it! ;)

I tortured my characters (mainly in the Character's Corner thread), racked my brain, and otherwise stressed about getting my outline finished.

The synopsis changed a little bit:

The daughter of a dragonling seeks atonement for her past failures by traveling through her world's time and repairing rifts caused by a runaway princess.

The princess is a character of mine who, originally, wasn't going to do much. Other than be there for the guy who was the original hero of the story. And she wasn't even supposed to be a princess! she's being a pain in the butt. (BTW, the "hero" changed, too, and does almost nothing other than be a stereotypical cartoon superhero. Complete with stupid fighting moves. "Oh, I didn't know the bad guy was going to move!" *propels self off rooftop into trap that only cartoon bad guys are supposed to fall into*)
*sigh* Characters. Love-hate relationship. They change everything. :P

I will be doing a post that goes into some information about my world sometime within the next week. (I'll tell what a dragonling is, the various species in the world, etc.)
I'm going to shoot for a Wednesday post, but if RL interferes, I'll have to post it later.

How have your characters rebelled on you? Was it a good thing?

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