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About the Story: The Races: Nuance

*sigh* I say that I'm going to do a post "tomorrow," and what do I do? Post it weeks later... :P

Well, here's a bit about the abilities of the races that (as far as I am aware ;)) are going to be active in the series. Not all of it, of course, but the main stuff. ;) Otherwise this would be a very, very long post.



Their special abilities include manipulation and storage of magic...They are born in dragon form, and discover their human form during dragon adolescence (around 50 years)...
Once at the age of adulthood (around 150 years), their dragon forms are not bound to one size, but can shift freely from the size of a garter snake to the size of a two story house. If they gain enough experience with this ability, they can become even larger.
The human form is always regulated. It can be no smaller than 5’, no larger than 5’ 8”, and is set at the first shift...
If a human happens to fall in love with a dragonling, and the dragonling returns the sentiment, they can marry.  No sacrifice of dragon abilities is required by the dragonling.
Their children have some dragon traits (tough skin, enhanced senses, and the like). Unknown if the traits pass beyond the second generation.
Can speak directly to one’s spirit. The first encounter with a Scavenger is jarring, and leaves one with a dramatic sense of insecurity. Can only be seen during a half-moon.
When they choose to become visible to their human charges, they can take any form. Usually, a large dog or young human form is chosen. These cannot be affected by the physical world unless they so wish.
As far as is known, cannot be killed, but can be trapped.
These speak only to their charges, and occasionally to dragons.
As Children of the Night (see Types), these have incorporeal forms, and cannot go about in broad daylight. Go into a form of sleep during the day. During this sleep, their buildings and work are visible, but they themselves are not. As the shadows about them increase, one has the sense of being watched.
A few have the ability to go about during the day in their vaporous forms, if the sunlight is sufficiently hampered. These can shadow-travel.
In the light of a full moon, Vampires become corporeal. Have the appearance of humans, though paler and with sharper teeth.
Are masters of metal-craft and sleight of hand.
So, there it is. Questions, comments? Let me know what you think! :)

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