Monday, June 1, 2015

Five Something-Something Reveal!!

I've been waiting--forever, it seems!--to see what the next Rooglewood Press contest was. NOW I GET TO HELP REVEAL IT! :D
Which basically means that I've been staring at the beautiful cover for about a week and squealing to myself when no one is around. Because, you know, we're sworn to the utmost secrecy when it comes to stuff like this... ;)

Without further ado, Rooglewood Press is delighted to introduce their third fairy tale novella contest—

Five Magic Spindles
a collection of “Sleeping Beauty” stories

Displaying Five Magic Spindles.jpg
The challenge is to write a retelling of the beloved fairy tale in any genre or setting you like. Make certain your story is recognizably “Sleeping Beauty,” but have fun with it as well. Make it yours!
Rooglewood Press will be selecting five winners to be published in the Five Magic Spindles collection, which will be packaged up with the phenomenal cover you see here. Maybe your name will be one of the five listed?
All the contest rules and information (how to enter, story details, deadline etc.) may be found on the Rooglewood Press website. Just click HERE and you will go right to the page. Rooglewood Press’s first collection, Five Glass Slippers is available for purchase, and our second collection, Five Enchanted Roses is scheduled to launch on July 27, and is currently available for pre-order. Be certain to get a copy of each and see what previous winners did with their wonderful retellings.

So head on over to the Rooglewood Press page using the links above--or click the little blog button to the left--and check out the rules for the contest!
Also check out the other two books. Five Glass Slippers was amazing (so many Cinderellas!), and the stories for Five Enchanted Roses sound spectacular. I, for one, can't wait to read them. I also can't wait to participate in this one! It's going to be fun! ^.^

Cover Illustration Credit:

This cover illustration was rendered by Julia Popova, “ForestGirl.” You can find out more about this gifted artist on her website:

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