Sunday, July 5, 2015

Of These Chains...

I apologize for not saying anything about my prolonged absence. So here now I say it: camping! :D
And of course those other things that "come up" at the last minute. :P

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to say this without sounding weird or something, so here it goes...

Just last week, I was at Equip Camp.
We talked about, among other things, idols. I was like, "ouch."
Because I. Love. Writing. A lot. Too much, apparently. :(
I've been battling (heh, "battling"...more like "avoiding"...) a conviction for, oh, a month or so. About writing. And doing it too much. So much so that I've been spending the better parts of the day on my laptop (about 8 hours).

For now, I'm going to be taking a sort of break from writing. I say "sort of" because it's not a complete "break". What I'm going to do is finish a writing project that I have to finish (school assignment), and then focus on a Bible study.
I'm also going to work on getting off/limiting the time I spend on writing social media (Nano forums :P).

This song by RED fits me right now, perfectly.

And this...this is what I need to do. Please pray, because I won't be able to do this without help. 
(Until just this moment, I had plans to keep writing. Not in the same way I've been doing, but just a little short story that would be worked on maybe once or twice a week. Then I started feeling uncomfortable while I tried to explain why I was going to continue working on any most-likely-long-term writing projects other than the one mentioned. Then I listened to this song. *sigh*)

Please, if anything in this post is convicting you, even if it's not writing-related, listen. Don't ignore it or brush it off as anything from "this is just me being paranoid" to "this is dinner acting up." It hurts.The conviction, that is, not the dinner...
Stand firm in the God of Jacob, and don't give in. Don't adjust your mental state to rationalize your rebellion. Because adjusting just a little bit at a time is a great way to harden your heart. And very, very effective. :(


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