Saturday, September 5, 2015

Music for the Muse

Here's some music that I've found to be very helpful in scene writing. :)

Lindsey Stirling. Most of these are peppy/action-filled, but there are a few soft/slow ones. This is mostly instrumental, but there are a couple with lyrics. I just skip them...

Break of Reality, a cello band.

Two Steps From Hell and Thomas Bergersen (I have no idea if they're separate, together, or both) have great epic instrumental music. Here's one of my favorite songs by them.
Something I've noticed, though: when users other than Two Steps From Hell post the songs, they usually have questionable pictures featured (why?!). So your best bet would be to go directly to Two Steps From Hell's youtube page and listen to the playlists there.

There are also a couple songs with lyrics that inspire me. After I memorized them, of course. Otherwise, lyrics are distracting...

So there you go. Music for the muse. Enjoy. :)