Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Character Encounters

October Character Encounter!
The air is crisp, smelling faintly of winter. My sweater keeps me from facing serious harm at the hands of the wind. I sit in the backyard, and hammer at the keyboard. “No, no, no, why are youdoingthistome?!”
Characters. Such a bunch…especially now, when their story is supposed to be on hold!
“So that was your plan, eh? No you don’t, you won’t—ah, carp…”
I run to the front yard, and onto the street. It’s quiet. And there’s a dragon standing in the middle of the road. A huge blue dragon, with a satisfied smirk on his face, and talons just breaking the surface of the tarmac.
“Look, I have to have something publishable, or at least readable, by December. Two months! Not even, since this month is just about over. I don’t have time to work on your story right now.”
The dragon, Richard, shrinks to about the size of a small car and slinks over to me. His hot breath cracks my lips. “But you have time to completely redraft, revisit and rewrite a different story? Not to mention the POV change, and plot focus.”
“Yes. Because it’s a story I don’t have to spend too much time world-building on. Get back in your story and stop wreaking havoc, please.”
“Maybe.” He settles on his haunches and looks down at me. “Oh, what do I do with this? I don’t think I want to eat it…” He curls his tail back. When he lowers it in front of my face, a squealing, squeaking guinea pig is wriggling in his grasp.
I scramble to free it before it gets hurt. It settles in my arms and tries to shove its head into my sweater. “Richard!” I fairly scream. “You…did not…manipulate the timelines and get this from Shade.”
“I didn’t?” He raises a scaly brow and clicks his talons together.
With the little piggy trying to taste a piece of my flesh, I groan. “Why? Why is it just you?”
“Just me?” Richard tilts his head to the side and flicks his tail nervously.
“Yes. Well, you and the vampire. You two. Just…two. Out of a whole cast. Driving me nuts.” I grind out the last few words. “I haven’t abandoned your story, so why are you trying to make it fall apart?”
“You haven’t?” Richard frowns, and his tail falls still. Just in time, too. It nearly sliced off part of our neighbor’s rose bush.
“Nope.” The guinea pig finally holds still and trills softly. I stroke it, feeling oddly like an evil mastermind for no apparent reason. “It’s just on hold.”
Richard lowers his head. “Well, I just assumed that, uh, to say…sorry.”
“I’d appreciate it if you showed me rather than just say it. You’re acting oddly in RPs, too.”
“That…may be because…”
I put a hand on my hip, a suspicion finally raising itself in my mind.
A smooth voice interrupts. “Excuse me.” The villain, Shade, from the future of Richard’s timeline is standing behind him, seemingly from nowhere. His purple outfit looks insufficient to provide much protection from the cold. “I believe that is mine.”
The guinea pig leaps into Shade’s arms. He coos at it and wiggles his finger behind one of its ears.
“All him,” I say, pointing at Richard.
Even though Shade wears a mask, I can tell he’s glaring. “Hmm. I will have to devise a suitable punishment.”
Richard snarls at him. “I’d like to see—”

“Nope, no, he doesn’t.” I nudge one of Richard’s forelegs. “How about we just get you all back into your stories? Then maybe I can finish my project…”


  1. Heh. Characters can get so testy when you decide that another story is higher priority than theirs . . . Loved reading this!

  2. This was fun. You gotta love characters who think you've abandoned their story when only you're not quite ready to write about them.

    (Exhibit Maryanne over on the Joining Jaye thread)

    Thanks for joining up!


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