Saturday, November 14, 2015

Serial Story Saturday

Unexpected Adventure, Part Seven

Regis stared at the picture for a little longer. “What is this?”
“That’s you. See, your name’s right there.” Cloudwillow jabbed a slender finger onto a space below the picture. Sure enough, it was his name. It was even in his handwriting.
“So, this is what it says on the page before.” Cloudwillow stood back and puffed out her chest.
“ ‘On eve of storm terrible and white, shall a man of courage come
And fight. Fight a dark monster, powerful and scarred;
It will reveal who they are. Cape long and blue shall the courage man
Find. Sword wrought with secrets and powers left behind
Will be won from caverns deep. Before these tasks are done,
Secrets will lie in the light of sun.’ ”
Cloudwillow bounced on her heels. “What do you think?”
Regis looked from the page to the elf. “Does it mean anything?”
The little elf’s face went red. “Of course it means something!”
Cloudwillow hopped onto the back of the couch and leaned over his shoulder. She pointed to each line in question while she spoke. “That’s you, the man of courage. Whatever attacked you is the monster, and fighting with him will bring out the best or worst in both of you. Then you’ll find a cape and a sword, but not before secrets are revealed. I thought that was pretty self-explanatory…don't ask me what the cape and sword are for, though. Dad explained it to me, but he got excited and I couldn't understand him.”
Regis rubbed his forehead.
Cloudwillow giggled and patted his shoulder. “If you think that one was hard to understand, wait until I read you The Ballad of the Singing Turtle.”
“Grumpy puss. Well, I’ll get your pack.” The elf darted out of the room.
Regis jerked to his feet, tottering. “Wait—!”

Explosions rocked the building. Regis fell. A billow of grey smoke poured from the other room.

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  1. Ohhhh dragon's teeth. Please tell me Cloudwillow's ok.


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