Saturday, November 28, 2015

Serial Story Saturday

Unexpected Adventure, Part Nine

Cloudwillow set her face away from the ruined building and marched ahead. “First step, get the cape. I only know one place where that could be, and that place is the elven city.”
“Magic people?” Regis glowered. “No, thank you.”
“Oh, come on! What do you have against magic?”
“It’s unnatural.”
“Or maybe it’s natural and the only reason you don’t like it is because it can do things you think are impossible.”
“I’m not going to put myself at the mercy of magic just to get a cape.”
“But it’s important!”
“Come on. I know a place we can set up a temporary camp.” Regis walked.
Cloudwillow sputtered. “Are you listening to me?!”
“No.” Regis was rewarded by seeing the little elf’s face turn red.
Suddenly, the red washed from her face and she beamed. “Only a few minutes into my first adventure, and already I find myself tried. Daddy was right; this isn’t going to be easy.” She hummed and skipped beside Regis, who raised an eyebrow.
“You’re not going to try to force me to find the cape?”
“Nah. If you want to defy a Prophecy and do things out of order, go ahead. I’ll just watch when you hurt yourself.”
Regis hoped he wasn’t going to have to listen to her talk the whole way to his site. The elf kept quiet for a few minutes. Then, “We’re going to get the sword first, right?”
“Then what’s the plan?”
“Get far away, don’t get found.”
“You’re doing this all wrong!” Cloudwillow tried to argue about the merits of the Prophecy, but Regis refused to respond. Finally, the elf fell into a gloomy mood. “We’re going to get hurt,” was all she said.
When the sun’s bleary eye was at its midpoint, the pair came to Regis’ destination; a cave.
“Let’s see, rocks, rocks, wet, cold…” Cloudwillow groaned. “It’s a regular cave!”
Regis set his pack down and lighted a heat lamp. “What were you expecting?”
“Something amazing. Like, a secret hideout with revolving doors, buttons, and a weapons’ cache.” She plopped beside him.
They both took out a small meal of bread, dried meat and warm water. Cloudwillow gnawed at her meat. “You know,” she said between bites, “you’re taking every precaution. You even remembered to cover our tracks. But I still think we’re going to find the sword first.”
Regis sighed. “Let me eat in peace.”
Outside, the sky darkened, and snow began to fall.
Regis remembered what had happened before the first fight with the cloaked man and readied his daggers. He took several more from his pack and slid them into his belt. “Arm yourself.”
“Me?” Cloudwillow gave him an incredulous look. “Alright. But daddy says I couldn’t hit a mountain if I was standing at its base.”
Regis swore under his breath. He hastily slid the shield from his back. “Then take this. Push the center if you’re in a tight spot.”
Cloudwillow grunted and slid the shield—it was nearly as big as her—onto an arm. “If you say so.”
The storm increased rapidly, until it was as if a tornado hovered just outside the cave. The black figure stepped through it.
Regis threw one dagger, so fast it whizzed.
The figure stepped aside, and the weapon spun into the whirlwind. “Predictable. Come with me—”
The cyborg’s voice interrupted. “—and the elf won’t die.”

Regis spun. The cyborg was behind them. And poised to nab Cloudwillow.

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  1. Oh, dragon's TEETH.
    Also, Cloudwillow is adorable and basically a little fangirl and I want her to be real so we can be friends.


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