Monday, December 28, 2015

Serial Story, on a Monday

Sorry for the delay. Christmas and a few other things happened, some of which you shall read of in an upcoming post. :D
Unexpected Adventure, Part Thirteen

They made it to the smaller cavern without incident. It was cozy and warm, lined with packed grasses. Regis couldn’t tell much else about it, as the elves refused to use a light of any sort.
“It will cause too much disturbance,” Dr. Rune said.
They seemed to be able to see perfectly well.
Regis rested against a wall and listened to the elves chatting and tumbling with the kits. The mother bobcat sat nearby, twitching contentedly. Her tail kept flicking against Regis’ face.
Dr. Rune paused amid the chaos, and Regis heard the rustle of a pack. A vial was put into Regis’ hands. “Drink this. Your strength should return momentarily.”
Sure enough, Regis felt perfectly fine before a minute was up. He flexed a few times, trying not to hit his head on the ceiling, then stared at Dr. Rune. “What did you do?”
“Not much, by our accounts. A few dabs of oil, a quick sealing spell, etcetera.” The older elf tickled a kit’s chin. “Are you going to rest, or continue to defy the Prophecy?”
Cloudwillow snorted. “I bet he’s going to leave.”
Regis grunted. “So you’re getting to know me.”
Dr. Rune harrumphed. “You’re going to get hurt.”
Regis felt for his pack, then slid it on. “So I’ve heard.”
“Where are you going?”
“Out. Away from here.” Regis felt his way along the wall until he found the tube-like entrance. He crawled out.
Behind, Dr. Rune and Cloudwillow spoke indistinctly. Regis retrieved a lightstick from his pack and prepared to crack it. Dr. Rune came out of the entrance tunnel and stopped him.
“Do that, my friend, and you’ll find yourself swarmed in insects of the flesh-eating sort. Here, this way.”
Dr. Rune took his hand and led him through the dark. They had gone a ways before Regis realized that he’d accepted the elf’s guidance without question. He planted his feet and jerked his hand back, careful not to teeter to the right. He heard empty space there.
“What are you doing?”
Dr. Rune sighed. “Why are you putting up such a fight?”
“No petty prophecy is going to control my fate.”
“It has been my experience that Prophecies are written by a higher hand, and to defy that hand is to bring hurt upon oneself.”
Regis shook his head. “What does that even mean?”
“You’re a thick one, aren’t you?” Dr. Rune chuckled. “Very well. I shall leave you here to your devices.”
Regis listened for any sound of departure. He waited for a while without hearing anything. “Dr. Rune?” No reply.

Wishing he had his shield, he cracked his lightstick.

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  1. *facepalm*
    Regis, would it kill you to listen/accept help?
    At least I think Dr. Rune is still waiting nearby, just in case . . .


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