Saturday, December 5, 2015

Serial Story Saturday

Unexpected Adventure, Part Ten

Cloudwillow took one look at Regis, then spun and charged. “Yargh!” The cyborg toppled over the diminutive elf and onto his face. Cloudwillow turned back and grinned. “Gotch’a! Oh, and you forgot to pay for last night.”
“You are a nuisance.”
“Thank yooouuuu. Catch me if you can.” Cloudwillow pulled a face and dashed further into the cave. She went around a bend and Regis lost sight of her. The cyborg followed after.
Regis turned to the man in black. “You were saying?” He leaned awkwardly against his staff.
The man hissed. He withdrew his strange metal disks. “Then we shall simply have to get close.” He swung.
Regis sidestepped, clouting the man behind the head in the process. He narrowly avoided a swing at his legs. The disk tore through the fabric but didn’t penetrate skin.
“Staff slowing you down?”
Regis crouched low, ignoring the pain it caused, and swung the staff. It connected behind the man’s knees and drove him forward. He turned and landed with his back against the wall.
“Not much.” Regis flipped his weapon, and darted forward. The man ducked before it made contact with is face. With inhuman speed, the man slid. His disks scraped against Regis’ arm.
Regis grunted. The new pain coupled with the old, he stumbled. The staff clattered to the ground as he tried to stop the flow of blood.
The man waited. Regis glared. “Why?”

“You still don’t remember? Fine. My name is Peter.”


  1. Ooh. Are we actually getting answers?
    BTW, typo in the first paragraph. ". . . toppled the diminutive elf onto HIS face"- "his" should be "her".

    1. Yup. Finally. :P

      Gah, copied and pasted; it might have messed something up. It should have read "...toppled OVER the diminutive elf and onto his face." I'll go ahead and fix that...
      Thanks. :)


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