Saturday, December 19, 2015

Serial Story Saturday

Unexpected Adventure, Part Twelve

A slim man dressed in fur clothing darted up from the back of the cave. Before anyone could react to his outburst or appearance, he threw a ball straight at the cyborg. The ball attached itself to Darius’ face, hissing and yowling.
Peter immediately turned to Regis. He hissed, “If I can’t torture you, I’ll just slit—”
Regis evaded several quick blows by crumpling into a ball. Suddenly, Peter was knocked to the side. Cloudwillow’s father stood in his place. “No slitting today. It’s a thoroughly nasty business none of us have time for, I’m afraid.”
Regis risked a glance to the back of the cave. The cyborg was missing an arm and limping away. Cloudwillow blew a raspberry at him. He looked to the cave mouth. Peter was gone, and so was the storm.
Cloudwillow’s father knelt at Regis’ side and helped him sit up. “You have quite the collection of abrasions. If we can just get rid of the lead, we can have you fixed up in a trice.”
Regis gasped for breath. “The…amulet…stays.”
The elf blithely tossed the amulet aside. He rubbed his gloved hands in a small pile of snow. “I don’t think you have a say in the matter. Dr. Rune, at your service.”
Regis tried to grip the elf’s arm, or even his throat, but his hand fell limp to his side.
Cloudwillow skipped up to them, holding the ball her father had thrown earlier. Upon closer inspection, Regis saw that it was a bobcat kit. “Daddy, he tried to do the Prophecy out of order.”
Dr. Rune ran his fingers along Regis’ arm. The bleeding slowed. “It seems he’s learned his lesson now, hasn’t it?” He pulled out several vials and bandages.
Regis’ vision went fuzzy. He squeezed his eyes shut. He heard Dr. Rune call for a stick, then felt it jam into his mouth.
“Hold still, this will sting like wildfire.”
Several minutes later, Regis was able to stand. He did so slowly, checking himself over and leaning against the wall. He glared at Dr. Rune, who was smiling. “What?”
“We don’t all cast mind spells, you know. Only those who don’t follow our laws have the audacity to stoop so low. Come along, I’m sure we can give you adequate shelter for a short time.”
Cloudwillow shuffled in place, head down. “Um…daddy?”
“The house…um…blew up, and…sorry?”
Dr. Rune blinked. “Actually, I was referring to the family of felines denned up a few caverns back.”
Cloudwillow went bright pink. “Oh.”
Regis growled. “Where’s my shield?”

“Your shield is at the bottom of chasm. For now, to warmth and kittens we shall go.” Dr. Rune wrapped an arm around Regis and helped him stand away from the wall.
Regis wondered how long he was going to be stuck with these people.

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  1. Kittens. xD I approve of kittens. And also of Cloudwillow's father.


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