Saturday, January 16, 2016

Serial Story Saturday

Unexpected Adventure, Part Sixteen

Dr. Rune sat in the cave, again with the kits, Regis, and Cloudwillow. He examined Regis’ tight expression. “On a scale of one to ten, how badly does it hurt?”
“Oh, good; that means the medicine is working.” Dr. Rune leaned forward and dabbed a fresh concoction onto the wound. “Focus on something else. Talk, rant, or lose yourself in thought.”
Cloudwillow, who was fondling a kit, paused. She looked to Dr. Rune. When he nodded, she scooted closer to Regis, avoiding the sword that rested to his left. “What made you change your mind?”
Regis grimaced. “A memory. I acted the same then, and look what happened.”
“With your brother?”
After a pause, Regis nodded. “We were on a trip, and…it didn’t end well.”
Cloudwillow leaned close to him and whispered, “This is called progress.” She received a glare in reply.
Dr. Rune patted stone. “Sit over here and leave the man alone. He just had his hand bit off.”
“Aw, alright.”
Regis relaxed. “What does the sword do?”
“On its own? Nothing. In your hands? Well…” Dr. Rune grinned. “…we’ve been waiting a while to find out.”
“How long?”
“Let’s see…two hundred years, give or take. I always forget if this was forged before or after the Rising of Foosball.” He trailed off near the end, rubbing his chin and frowning.
“The what?”
Dr. Rune glanced up. Regis looked like he’d just been asked to swallow a roach. Dr. Rune waved his hand. “Never mind. It will be in your interest to note the presence of runes on the sword.” He leaned forward and took up the sword, then ran Regis’ fingers over the cross-guard.
Regis groaned. “What am I cursed with?”
“It’s not a curse, it’s a poem.” Dr. Rune set the sword to the side. “You have trust issues with elves, I see.”
“It’s not elves. It’s magic.”
“The two are inextricably linked, so it makes no difference.”
Cloudwillow jumped between them and waved her hand. “I know what the poem is! It says, ‘The sword bearer/shall forever be in memory/for deeds accomplished.’ ”
“Very good. It was written by the honorable Terrance of Remnant. This was one of his better works in Poetry: rhyme, reason and other forms of expression.
Regis opened his mouth. Before he could say anything, Cloudwillow put her fingers on his lips. “Don’t ask how he knows, or daddy will never stop.”
Dr. Rune chuckled. “Ah, you know me so well.” He rubbed Cloudwillow’s shoulder, then stood. “You will meet him yourself when we get to the elven city. No arguing, or you’ll likely lose an entire limb in your next endeavor to avoid following the Prophecy.”

Regis accepted aid in standing. While leaning against Dr. Rune, he sighed. “Lead the way.”


  1. Good plan, Regis. Good plan.
    Also . . . Rising of Foosball? That creates an amusing mental image. xD
    BTW, do you have a typo in the third paragraph? When Dr. Rune says "Talk, RANG, or lose yourself in thought"?

    1. Yeah; can't wait to hear the whole story from Dr. Rune. ;) XD
      Thanks for catching that; it's supposed to be "RANT." :) Thank goodness for the edit feature.


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