Saturday, January 30, 2016

Serial Story Saturday

Unexpected Adventure, Part Eighteen

The next day, Regis trained with his sword. We  found out that the sword was enchanted to vibrate and jerk at the presence of large game, and we had to leave camp in the middle of his practice because we were in the territory of a buck. On the hike, daddy found out that I had faked my death at the inn. He was disappointed that I did it just because I wanted to see the look on Regis’ face, and I had to apologize.
After that, we went on in silence. I alternately skipped, sang to the birds, and climbed on slick rocks. Daddy laughed and said I was getting better at navigating in the cold. Regis looked surprised that daddy didn’t yell at me.
We traveled like this for a few days (I managed to coax a few deer in close when Regis was practicing), until we saw the beginnings of another forest, this one darker and ominous looking in the sunset. I jumped up and down. “We’re almost home!”
Regis looked at us dubiously. “That’s where the elven city is?”
Daddy nodded. “Adequate forest, few travelers, and peace—unless someone happens to let slip the date for our weekly Foosball match.” He and I began setting up camp.
Regis glanced from the forest to us. “We’re not going in?”
“No, dear fellow. No one is allowed past the boarders after dark.”
“Common courtesy.”
Regis looked confused. “So if a friendly ran past the borders…”
Daddy frowned. “They would probably be shot. The boarders don’t take kindly to their sleep being interrupted.”
“The borders?”
I stifled a guffaw and tugged daddy’s sleeve. “He thinks you mean boundaries.”
Daddy chuckled. “Oh, no. The boarders, people that pay us rent for living in the forest.”
Regis looked blank. After a second, he said, “That makes perfect sense.” I could hear the sarcasm in his voice, and laughed quietly. 
I waited until Regis was in his sleeping bag with his eyes closed before whispering, “Just wait until you see the city.” I dove into my sleeping bag and turned around before Regis could say anything. His breath caught, and he sounded like he was going to get up.
I snored—fake, of course—as loud as I could. Regis grumbled something about elves and turned over.
I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

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  1. I was going to say you had a typo . . . but then it turns out you didn't. Well then. xD


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