Saturday, February 13, 2016

Serial Story Saturday

Unexpected Adventure, Part Twenty

I ran into the house, through the living room, and up a short flight of stairs.
Mommy sat in a rocking chair, reading, her back to the door. The green walls and gauzy curtains over the arching windows made everything look surreal. I tiptoed up behind her.
She started, and turned. Well, sort of. She seemed to have trouble, and when I came around in front of her, I saw it was from the large size of her belly.
I couldn’t hold in my happy shout, and hugged her. As well as I could with the book and belly in the way, that is.
“Oh, you’re home! Where’s your father? The baby started kicking—here, feel.” Her largish teeth and straight lips beamed in the best smile ever.
We talked for a little bit, even though all I wanted to do was dance in the trees. I would be a big sister in a couple weeks. Or months. I wasn’t exactly sure how everything worked.
It wasn’t until mom and I went downstairs that I remembered Regis. “Mommy, we found the fulfiller of the Prophecy!”
She cocked her head. Her brown curls hung prettily over her shoulder. I stroked my own straight hair, wishing I could get it like hers. “Which one?” she asked.
So we sat down on the couch and I explained. Just as I finished, daddy and Regis came from the left entryway. Daddy waved, his eyes lingering on mommy’s belly.
I glanced at Regis. He looked uncomfortable, and it wasn’t just the elvish clothing he wore. I whispered, “Daddy, don’t embarrass me.”
He rolled his eyes. “I would do no such thing.” I was afraid he was going to anyways, but he just kissed mommy as well as he could while still standing, then pulled back. “I will return shortly after dark. I’m off to take Regis to the tailor’s.”
Mommy stood, smiling. “You need to, and not only for the cloak.” She went up and kissed him on both cheeks. “The young man needs proper attire for where he’s going.”
Regis’ face scrunched up. “What do you mean?”
For once, I was in total agreement with his question. I couldn’t let him know, though. I would be a disgrace to innkeepers and bookworms everywhere if I did. So I giggled. “You’ll see.”
As soon as he and daddy—him arguing, daddy dodging questions—left, I turned to mom. “What did you mean?”
She smiled. “There’s more to the prophecy than just that page.”

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