Saturday, February 20, 2016

Serial Story Saturday

Unexpected Adventure, Part Twenty-one

“But there can’t be!” I shook my head at my mother, refusing to believe. “I’ve read that whole book, forwards and back—literally! There’s no more mention of him or the Prophecy he’s in. What else is he going to do?”
Mommy chuckled like a sage and stroked my head. “He’s going to free us from Fate.” Fate, the current ruler of the continent—our side, at least—and forever penning the future of the land. She also controlled everything so that nothing contradicted her Prophecies.
Any dizzying disbelief I had vanished instantly. I snorted. “Where’d you get a crazy idea like that?”
“It’s all in there.” She pointed to the pack I still clung to.
I shook it. “Nuh-uh.”
“Here, I’ll show you.” And she did. Regis most definitely wasn’t mentioned anywhere else by name, but he was implied in other passages. Lots of them. It all made sense when she pointed it out.
I held the book out at an angle, looking at Regis’ picture. Him standing tall, with a mysterious blue cloak and the recently acquired sword. If I tilted it just right, the page’s surface warped and he looked like a clown. “But Fate wrote this! Right?”
“She did. But even she does not know the entirety of what she pens.” Mommy rubbed her enlarged belly. “She also penned a note telling me the book would be needed by your father soon. Get going.” She playfully pushed me to the door. I couldn’t tell if she was joking about the note.
“Okay, okay. Love you.” I hopped, kissed her on the cheek, and bolted outside. A few well-wishers ducked aside as I ran past. “Sorry,” I called over my shoulder.
I felt like I was flying, with my long sleeves flapping behind like wings. Dark trees, snow, faces I’ve seen for most of my life, all passed by in a wonderful blur. When the path branched off in a slope, I went down it. Daddy was probably done at the tailor’s by now and at the Foosball field.
I slowed. As soon as I did, the branches above me shook—it was the guards. Bits of snow fell on me. I shielded my eyes with one hand and hugged the book close. I probably shouldn’t have left the sack at the house. To the yet-unseen guards I asked, “Did daddy pass by here?”
“Yes, and he’s in set five, row three.”
“Thank you!” I jogged, and the trees soon thinned out. A barrier of magic was ahead; I could smell it. I passed it. Deafening cheers rattled my teeth. Lights flashed, food steamed, and fists were in the air.
The Foosball field.

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