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So, I came across this...

And this...

And needless to say, the bookworm in me started jumping up and down. :D This is a bit late, but I'll go ahead and answer up to today. So this may run a little long... X)

Fantasy currently reading:
I'm between fantasy books right now; I just finished reading Scorpion Mountain by John A. Flanagan.
I'm hoping to start a couple new books soon: People of the Longhouse by Michael W. Gear (though I may wait, because I've skimmed the reviews and there are a couple mentions of graphic scenes) and The Bone House by Stephen R. Lawhead (though that's more sci-fi).

Fave fantasy series:
Gaaaaaahhh, the killer question. That's like asking, "What do you like more, coffee or chocolate?" (I love both, in case you didn't know.)
If I'm going for classic, then I have to say Lord of the Rings or the Chronicles of Narnia. If I'm going for more recent series, then Ilyon Chronicles would be my next pick. (I want so badly to continue this list with my favorites for different sub-genres, but that would take forever.)
And I have to say that I'm anticipating both The Staff and the Sword and Blood of Kings trilogies to be added to the favorites shelf soon. Just as soon as I manage to read the entire series. :)

Fave fantasy quote:
This is the first quote that came to mind. I love it. Loveitloveitloveit.


Fave fantasy hero(ine):
Wait, no. This is the killer question. There are so, so many...but, on second thought, this one's not that hard. Janner Igiby. Especially after reading The Warden and the Wolf King. (Speaking of The Wingfeather Saga, check out this kickstarter campaign. What's it about? Animating the Saga.)

Janner - Wingfeather Saga, Andrew Peterson:

Fave fantasy book cover:
I have quite a few (duh), but as soon as I saw this one, I loved it. It's (okay, they're) different, attention-catching, and they show the prime moment in the book perfectly. The newer covers are cool too, but personally, I like these better.

Fave fantasy map:
Well, there's the Lord of the Rings map, there's the Wingfeather Saga map, the map of Amara, the map of...Okay, I'll stop cheating.
I'm going to pick this map as my current favorite. Why? Because it's amazing, stylish, and it technically counts because it's laid out like a fantasy map.

Fave fantasy sidekick:
Samwise Gamgee, hands down. He's steadfast, simple (but smart as a tack when it comes down to it), and just...have you read the book? Or seen the movie? He's awesome.

I'm coming with you!:

Movie better than book:
I can go on for quite a while about movies that are way worse than the books, but I can't think of any movies that are better than the book/s. The only movie (okay, movies really) that might qualify for this is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Those movies differ a bit from the books, but they made it work. It was different in essence, but that essence was still there. It wasn't totally obliterated, and the main characters weren't metaphorically thrown out of their homes by their shirttails then dragged through the dust...
*cough* The Hobbit *cough*

Epic fantasy fave:
The Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. They have the perfect old-style feel to them, the length is perfect (thick enough to feel the weight, but it's not Pride and Prejudice), and the characters...quite a few of them were very close to being my picks for favorite hero/ine.
All the characters are amazing and alive. Each time you open the books, there's something new to find!

Fave fantasy book title:
The title? Just the title? Erm...I'll go with Reapers. It's short, succinct, and it's the MC's job title. The cover's amazing, too. :D

Fave fantasy animal/beastie:
Dragons. Definitely dragons. They're amazing, scaly, fire-breathing mountains of destruction. Or amazing, shining, wonderful steeds/friends who are with you to the end. Depends on where you look. ;)

How about you? Any questions on here you'd like to answer? Comment below, or write your own blog post! :D

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  1. YES! Fantasy awesomeness!!! Your favorite fantasy book cover one intrigued me... mostly because that guy looks like he has an arc reactor in his chest. XD


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