Saturday, March 5, 2016

Serial Story Saturday

Unexpected Adventure, Part Twenty-three

Regis was a beacon. A signal of magic that could be tracked and, possibly, manipulated from a distance. Dread tightened my throat. “Who’s tracking you?”
Regis shrugged. “Probably my brother.”
My dread mixed with anger. Sure, the villain’s name was Peter, but he could do some scary stuff. I balled up the front of Regis’ shirt in my fists and shook. “When were you planning on saying something?!”
“Why should I? You elves have been nothing but trouble for me. This way, I get rest, and restitution.”
I sat back and examined Regis. He was serious. He was calm, collected, and serious. He slowly sat up, the white aura around him making me squint.
“Time for an interview,” I said. I crossed my legs and sat up straighter. “What are you trying to accomplish?”
“I don’t want anything to do with Fate.”
“Not even overthrow her?”
“No. Nothing. I just want to live my life without her fingers in anything.”
“That’s like trying to live without breathing.”
“Go back to bed, Cloudwillow. He won’t be here for—”
Suddenly—it was Fate, probably—I felt older and stronger. Shaking, I stood. “No one, no one, no one leads elemental villains to my family, friends, my life.” I slapped him. There was no need for any more force than that; I probably could’ve biffed him with a pillow and it would’ve had the same effect. He blinked, looked surprised, and slumped.
I thought a thanks to whatever magic things Fate had put in place to ensure the fulfilling of Prophecy and picked him up. Again, though I shouldn’t have been able to, I could. I would’ve used magic, but that would’ve woken daddy up.
Funny; I could jump, scream, cry, and bang pots, and he wouldn’t turn over, but if I so much as tried to grow a plant with magic, he would leap out of bed and be at my side. To help more often than not, but I didn’t want to drag him into it. Not when mommy was so close to having a baby.
Besides, the defeat of Fate was prophesied by her own pen, and nothing she prophesied could go wrong. What was the worst that could happen?
I froze. “I think I just jinxed myself,” I whispered. Thinking dark thoughts, I made sure to take the Book of Prophecy, some basic provisions, then carted Regis outside.
I made my way out of the forest. Very few people were up, and I managed to avoid those who were. I traveled so that when I got out of the forest—which wouldn’t be for a day at least—I would emerge in the wild-lands, where Fate’s castle was.
My dark mood lifted as I went. This was turning out to be a fun adventure, even if it wasn't with a dashing hero as I'd once hoped. I grinned to myself. "I might change that," I said to the unconscious behemoth on my back. "I just might change that."

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  1. Well. That's what a Beacon is.
    Also, a comment to Regis: wut the pumpernickel. I knew you weren't a hero- but I didn't think you were a jerk.


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