Saturday, May 28, 2016

Serial Story Saturday

And here is the longer post I wanted to give y'all. :D

Unexpected Adventure, Part Thirty-one


Destiny got right to work. Regis and Peter leapt and jumped and spun in attempts to keep their footing. Columns went up, valleys suddenly formed, the ground twisted like a towel being wrung. And all the while they were trying to hack at each other with their no-longer-pastry-fied weapons.
Destiny flicked her hands. Wave-like ripples tossed Regis and Peter in the air. Before they had fallen far, columns shot up. Regis caught himself neatly, landing in a cat crouch. Peter fumbled and spun like a ballerina before he regained his balance.
Fate tutted. “Loss of three points, don’t you think?”
Destiny didn’t answer, just kept manipulating the field. She looked like she was having as much fun as I would. “So what’s the score?” I asked.
“Fifty to ten,” and “C to fifty,” they said simultaneously.
Fate shot Destiny an askance look. “What does the C stand for?”
“One hundred, and it’s for my player.”
“Now see here, Regis is getting points for style!”
“This is a battle, not a beauty pageant.”
“It’s for my throne! I think I should have a say…”
While they went at it, I slipped around the seats to the other side of Fate. One particular bauble on her caught my eye. A magic lamp, rimmed in sparkles. I swiped it and mentally thanked daddy for allowing me to spend lots of time with my cousins.
Destiny shouted, “Enough!”
Fate crossed her arms. “I’m only saying—”
“On to the next round,” Destiny said with finality.
I leaned forward and tucked the lamp in my flowing sleeves. “What’s the next challenge?”
Destiny grinned. “Animal attack.”
“Ooh, what kind?” Phoenixes would be fun to watch, or maybe giant wolves. Bears, elephants, a camel or two…
Then I saw the lion-like animals lurking among the sand dunes. Suddenly I wasn’t so happy about the arrangement. “Bloodlions?!”
Fate grimaced. “She’s right, darling. That’s a bit excessive.”
“They’re the ultimate test.” Destiny let out a villain-worthy cackle. “Ferocious when unprovoked, virtually unstoppable when they scent weakness. And both combatants are rather tired about now.”
She was right; Regis and Peter were flagging. I rubbed the lamp with my finger. A wispy voice grumbled in my mind.
Who do you want me to torture now?
I just want to use one wish. I wish that Peter and Regis—as unobtrusively as I could, I angled my arms so that the spout of the lamp pointed towards the battle field—would be re-energized.
The voice perked up. Okay.
Peter and Regis wielded their weapons with renewed vigor, but turned it to the approaching bloodlions instead of each other. I was glad the genie wasn’t one of the ones that would do what you told it to in the smallest extent possible.
I bit my lip. How long could they hold out? How long until Peter decided to—
I bolted to my feet and cupped my hands to my mouth. “Watch out, Regis!”
Peter dodged his pair of charging bloodlions, and they charged straight into Regis. He went down.
I shouted in dismay. Fate tapped my shoulder. “What is this, now?” She held the lamp. I must have dropped it.
“Uh…I was making things interesting.”
Fate patted my head. Destiny glared. “Let’s see what good that’s done you.”
With shiver-inducing howls, the bloodlions bounded back to the dunes. Destiny lowered her arms, a triumphant smile on her face. “I don’t think your Regis is getting up any time soon.”
But he had to. I stared at the prone body, just thinking, “Please get up, please get up.” I couldn’t even bring myself to protest that they were supposed to be fighting on a point system.
Peter swaggered up to the stands. “Am I the winner?” he asked.
Fate opened her mouth, but Destiny spoke before she. “Yes, you are.”
“That’s a relief.” He swiped at his forehead.
Fate sighed. “Destiny, dear, you really need to pay more attention to your charges.”
“They’re both beacons, yes? And if you look at the field, you can see Regis’ amulet lying in the dust.”
“So, that’s not Peter. At least, not his spirit.”
Destiny’s jaw dropped. After a moment I realized mine was hanging, as well.
Peter—Regis?—chuckled. It was Peter’s voice, but when I looked in his eyes, I saw Regis.
I flopped back onto a seat. “That was…unexpected. But it makes sense.” I looked over at Fate, who was sitting with a sad expression on her face. “So Regis won. I think. Technically.” Fate nodded.
I scooted closer to her. “Where does that leave you?”
“Oh, just without a job for a time. More importantly, it leaves this world without a leader.”
I looked to Pe—Regis. “Yeah, what were you going to do about that?”
Regis shrugged. “Without Fate controlling things, one thought was adventures for the sake of adventuring. Another was dissolution of prophecies.”
I rolled my eyes. “You can’t just start stuff like that after ages of Fate’s rule.”
“Which was why I was going to ask for her help.”
Fate cocked her head. “Of course, I’d be glad to. You still have to deal with my relatives, you know.”
I looked around for Destiny. She was gone.
Peter—Regis licked his lips. “I…hadn’t thought of that.”
I groaned. “Of course you didn’t.” But I had. I don’t know why, or when, but I had. Sort of. “Why don’t you let them keep doing their jobs, but instead of being ruled by Fate, they have to form a council. And do their jobs by vote.” Like I said, I’d only sort of thought it through.
Fate laughed. “That would be a sight! Everyone gathered under one roof, at one time, trying to decide on something. It could work, of course, if I was given a say. I’m the eldest, you know.”
Regis scowled. “Won’t that be the same as…”
As they hashed out the details, I sighed. This was going to take a while. And even though I hadn’t gotten to play a very big part in this adventure—I hadn’t even gotten to skewer anything—there was always the next adventure to look forward to.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Serial Story Saturday

I almost didn't have time again...
Thankfully, I did, but it didn't turn out like I expected. Like, at all. Let me know what you think. XD

Unexpected Adventure, Part Thirty


With another snap of her fingers, Fate transported all of us. I sat in a grandstand the color of sand. Regis stood below in semi-circle of sand dunes. Destiny sat on one side of me, Fate on another.
Peter, still decked in his black clothing—he was probably going to regret that; it was hot in that place—appeared a few feet away from Regis. He drew his twin metal disks.
Fate waved a white kerchief. “Well, now, let the battle begin!”
Regis parried Peter’s first blows. His sword wavered a bit. He still wasn’t used to using just one hand, I guessed.
After about thirty seconds, I started to lose interest. It was all the same: strike, parry, almost hit or get hit, and the periodic attempt of Peter’s to kick sand in Regis’ face.
Fate looked as bored as I was. Destiny filed her nails.
“Are either of you allowed to…change things?” I asked innocently, swinging my legs.
Fate sighed. “Normally I could, but like I said earlier, I don’t have much control here. Destiny guides those in barren places, not me.”
Destiny tucked her file into her hair. “What did you have in mind?”
I told them my first idea to make things interesting.
Fate giggled, but Destiny wrinkled her nose. “The way it works is that I control the area around them, not…not…nonsense.”
Fate leaned over me to plead with her sister. “Oh, but dear, think of it. One of them is about to land the killing blow, but lo! Instead of blood and gore, their opponent is splattered in confections. It would be more entertaining.”
We all glanced down at the battlefield. Regis charged Peter. Peter dipped low, smacked up some dirt, and dodged. Regis swung low and just missed cutting into Peter’s leg.
Destiny winced. “I suppose it would be.”
“Oh, goody.” Fate rubbed her hands together. “What should we do first?”
I hopped in my seat. “Desserts!”
Fate clapped instead of snapping her fingers. Just in time: Peter threw his disk, it ricocheted off the bottom of the grandstand, and would have embedded itself in Regis’ head—if it hadn’t turned into an apple pie.
Regis stumbled to the side. Peter stared at him, then at his hands. The remaining disk promptly turned into a rainbow cupcake. “What is this?!” he yelled up at us.
Fate waved. “Things were too simple, dearie. We’re livening things up a bit. Carry on!”
Regis wiped the pie from his face. His sword changed into a stick of gingerbread.
Peter half-squished the cupcake in his hands. “How am I supposed to—argh!”
Regis landed a blow on Peter’s back. Peter flung the cupcake at him. It exploded, pushed them apart, and covered them both in glittery frosting.
Peter spat and tried to clean his face. Regis shrugged and flung his club. It cracked against Peter’s skull, and he fell sideways.
Fate made a tsk-ing sound. “You know, we should have decided beforehand if the winner is determined by knock-out or kill.”
“Knock-out,” I blurted.
Destiny shook her head. “It should be kill. Besides, it’s only been a minute. It would be anti-climatic for it to end like this.”
I wouldn’t mind seeing Peter beaten, but I wasn’t fond of the idea of one of them dying. I waved my hands between the conversing sisters. “Or maybe by a point basis, and each strike gives them a certain number of points!”
They agreed, thankfully. Destiny waved her hand. Below, the ground slid like a blanket so that Regis and Peter were separated. Peter got up after a few moments, shaking his head.
“My turn to change things up,” Destiny said.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Serial Story Saturday (and announcements)

Okay, so this one isn’t long as I’d hoped, because I did not have as much time as I’d hoped…
Things that have had me occupied:

1. Driving. Gah. Renewed my permit, got a car (it’s old, but in good shape, and we got it for free from someone mom and dad are friends with), and there has been talk of driving out of state to rack up some hours. O_O And I am now required to drive me and my siblings to karate class. Thankfully, they understand that I am a very stressed driver and so do their best to keep the noise down and refrain from making faces in the rear-view. (^.^’)

2. Homeschooling. Mom has trouble working up energy in the morn’, so that’s when I work with my little sister. She is not liking reading thus far…which is kind of hard for me to deal with, being a book worm. ;)
Headway is being made, though; she read to me this morning with minimal argument. :D

3. Family things. Trying to integrate into a new church, guests coming over, cooking, music practice, and other things.

4. Writing (kind of). Writing as in characters from other stories have begun to talk, so I have conversations in my head then scramble to write them down before bed. Also jotting down entries in my plot bunny notebook and outlining TiB 3. I tried multi-writing at one point, but my Brainkeeper wasn’t happy with me… XD :P

Why things seem to happen all at once, and then either pile up or stay constant for a while, I don’t know. Hmm... *gathers plot bunnies and character torture devices ;)*

Anyways, here’s part 29. :)

Unexpected Adventure, Part Twenty-nine

Regis cleared his throat. “It seems that you have penned your own demise.”
“Oh?” Fate daintily sipped her tea. “How so?”
“If you’ll look with me…”
Cloudwillow obediently handed Regis the Book of Prophecy. He thumbed through it and showed Fate the same passages Cloudwillow had shown him.
“Yes, it does look that way, doesn’t it?” Fate frowned and smoothed her white dress. “How does it hold, though? Destiny!” she called.
A door appeared a few feet away. Someone knocked. Fate laughed. “Lose a bet with Opportunity again, my dear?”
Destiny, a shorter woman wearing a severe grey dress, entered. “He always cheats.” She tightened the folds of her elbow-length gloves. “What do you want?”
“I seem to have written myself into a bit of a pickle.” Fate gestured at the Book of Prophecy. “Tell me if these are yours.” She held her hands out as if she was offering something long and heavy. Regis and Cloudwillow could see nothing.
Destiny strode over. “They look sturdy enough.” She tapped the air above Fate’s hands. Fire flared from her fingertips and revealed a thick chain coming from the Book of Prophecy. Destiny nodded; the flames died off. “Yes, these are mine.” She smirked and rubbed her hands together. “I can’t wait to see you try to get out of this.”
Fate sniffed. “Is there any way out?” She said it in a way that implied she knew the answer, and didn’t like it.
“Nope.” Destiny smiled. “You are bound not only by your words, but by the chains you’ve had me give heroes and such.”
“That was inevitable, really. But…these chains are hideous. They clash so much.”
“They’re supposed to.” Destiny rolled her eyes. “Let’s not start this again. It would be rude to your guests.”
“C’est la vie,” Fate said with a wave of her hands. She stood. Regis and Cloudwillow did the same. The table, chairs, and food vanished.
“Regis, you are the challenger. Where would you like to fight?”
Regis tapped the pommel of his sword. “The plains.”
Fate grimaced. “That dusty place? Clever of you, though, choosing a place where I have almost no control. I’ve never liked the desert. You look like you have something else to say. Spit it out, darling.”
“Peter’s still bound by Destiny. You said you and Destiny are close. If she consents, I’ll fight him in your place.”
“Oh, two birds with one stone.” Fate patted Regis’ head. “What do you say, sister?”
Destiny put her hands out to the side. “I say, yes.” She turned to Regis and grinned. “I know my sister is prepared. I hope you are, too. Otherwise this will be for nothing.”