Saturday, May 7, 2016

Serial Story Saturday (and announcements)

Okay, so this one isn’t long as I’d hoped, because I did not have as much time as I’d hoped…
Things that have had me occupied:

1. Driving. Gah. Renewed my permit, got a car (it’s old, but in good shape, and we got it for free from someone mom and dad are friends with), and there has been talk of driving out of state to rack up some hours. O_O And I am now required to drive me and my siblings to karate class. Thankfully, they understand that I am a very stressed driver and so do their best to keep the noise down and refrain from making faces in the rear-view. (^.^’)

2. Homeschooling. Mom has trouble working up energy in the morn’, so that’s when I work with my little sister. She is not liking reading thus far…which is kind of hard for me to deal with, being a book worm. ;)
Headway is being made, though; she read to me this morning with minimal argument. :D

3. Family things. Trying to integrate into a new church, guests coming over, cooking, music practice, and other things.

4. Writing (kind of). Writing as in characters from other stories have begun to talk, so I have conversations in my head then scramble to write them down before bed. Also jotting down entries in my plot bunny notebook and outlining TiB 3. I tried multi-writing at one point, but my Brainkeeper wasn’t happy with me… XD :P

Why things seem to happen all at once, and then either pile up or stay constant for a while, I don’t know. Hmm... *gathers plot bunnies and character torture devices ;)*

Anyways, here’s part 29. :)

Unexpected Adventure, Part Twenty-nine

Regis cleared his throat. “It seems that you have penned your own demise.”
“Oh?” Fate daintily sipped her tea. “How so?”
“If you’ll look with me…”
Cloudwillow obediently handed Regis the Book of Prophecy. He thumbed through it and showed Fate the same passages Cloudwillow had shown him.
“Yes, it does look that way, doesn’t it?” Fate frowned and smoothed her white dress. “How does it hold, though? Destiny!” she called.
A door appeared a few feet away. Someone knocked. Fate laughed. “Lose a bet with Opportunity again, my dear?”
Destiny, a shorter woman wearing a severe grey dress, entered. “He always cheats.” She tightened the folds of her elbow-length gloves. “What do you want?”
“I seem to have written myself into a bit of a pickle.” Fate gestured at the Book of Prophecy. “Tell me if these are yours.” She held her hands out as if she was offering something long and heavy. Regis and Cloudwillow could see nothing.
Destiny strode over. “They look sturdy enough.” She tapped the air above Fate’s hands. Fire flared from her fingertips and revealed a thick chain coming from the Book of Prophecy. Destiny nodded; the flames died off. “Yes, these are mine.” She smirked and rubbed her hands together. “I can’t wait to see you try to get out of this.”
Fate sniffed. “Is there any way out?” She said it in a way that implied she knew the answer, and didn’t like it.
“Nope.” Destiny smiled. “You are bound not only by your words, but by the chains you’ve had me give heroes and such.”
“That was inevitable, really. But…these chains are hideous. They clash so much.”
“They’re supposed to.” Destiny rolled her eyes. “Let’s not start this again. It would be rude to your guests.”
“C’est la vie,” Fate said with a wave of her hands. She stood. Regis and Cloudwillow did the same. The table, chairs, and food vanished.
“Regis, you are the challenger. Where would you like to fight?”
Regis tapped the pommel of his sword. “The plains.”
Fate grimaced. “That dusty place? Clever of you, though, choosing a place where I have almost no control. I’ve never liked the desert. You look like you have something else to say. Spit it out, darling.”
“Peter’s still bound by Destiny. You said you and Destiny are close. If she consents, I’ll fight him in your place.”
“Oh, two birds with one stone.” Fate patted Regis’ head. “What do you say, sister?”
Destiny put her hands out to the side. “I say, yes.” She turned to Regis and grinned. “I know my sister is prepared. I hope you are, too. Otherwise this will be for nothing.”

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  1. I sympathize on the driving thing. Though I've managed to avoid doing much of it since I got my actual license by virtue of: (A)having nowhere to go, and (B)our having sold our old van and my not being allowed to drive the new one. (I may or may not have been milking the latter for all it's worth . . .)
    Great new installment!


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