Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Character Encounter

I may be "cheating" a bit, but I really haven't been to any event like this in a very long time, so it's basically just me and my charrie...

Character Encounter: AWANA (or Sunday/Wednesday night program)

“So…” I sit in a local pizza shop, nibbling at a slice of combo. “Are you satisfied now?”
Richard pokes at his pizza, head down. “Yeah. I’m satisfied.”
“Why?” Not that I particularly care. Which I do; I just want to make sure he’s not planning anything.
“Well, I like the fact that I’m going to have a literal heart of fire.” He looks up, grins, then takes a bite of his meat-lovers pizza (a whole pizza, not just a slice). “That’s going to open a whole slew of doors for me,” he says around the mouthful of food.
“Uh-huh.” I grin, too. Because I personally think the world is going to be crazy-awesome when I’m finished. I daydream about a few of the changes I’m planning—the world being split into three parts is one of them—but am jerked out of my reverie by Richard’s actions. I hiss his name. “Don’t re-heat your pizza.”
“Why? It’s not like they can see it, anyways,” he laughs.
I glance over at the youth-group seated with the church’s pastors over at a nearby table. “I actually have no idea whether or not they can. Sometimes they can, sometimes not.”
He extinguishes the flame he had burning in his hands.
I roll my eyes. “You know, I’m just going to treat you like my brother now.”
“Howwzat?” he says, a quarter of the pizza halfway in his mouth.
“Like this.” I lean over and tousle his hair, knowing I won’t see him like this again. Playful and child-like despite being more than a few hundred years old (and despite his oddly biker-gang attire). I sigh again. “It’s been a blast.”
“Can’t wait to see what you’re like in the new world.”
“Just don’t make me a suck-up.”
“As if I could.”
Richard grins. “Nah, you couldn’t.”
He finishes his pizza and stands. “Later.”
“See you on the flip side.”
My character walks out, ready to be re-drafted. I wonder what he’ll choose to fight for next. First it was getting his way, but now…I have no idea.
I rejoin the youth-group, just in time to hear a snippet of conversation that gives me a plot bunny. It’s totally out of context, but it gives me an idea for a Romeo and Juliet retelling. Just perfect for Convoluted Chronicles.

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